Quality Guaranteed.



Founded in 2010 by Dennis Brodigan and Lee Weil. Cyclone Cycles history began in an economical downturn, which forced the owners to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. 

Who Are We

With over 20 years experience, Dennis has a passion for motors. From a history of family racing in motorsports he has always had a passion for anything with a motor.

Our Mission

Since inception it has been our goal to leave a lasting positive impact on our customers. This helps so our clients feel comfortable leaving their machines in our hands.

How We Work

Due to our shop providing the highest quality service and being ran by two mechanics. We take our time to ensure customer satisfaction upon completion. This can lead to longer lead times but ensure amazing lasting repairs.

Dennis Brodigan

Dennis Brodigan



Quality Service Gauaranteed.


We provide a full repair service to revive an old machine, replace parts or repair any broken equipment to ensure the best ride.


We take care of all maintenance for your machine. We do oil changes, tire changes or replacement, and routine inspections.


We believe in family first. So we take care of our customers and continue to provide service for our clients as if they are blood.

Our Process



Before starting any project we like to see the machine and know who we are working with. After a quick initial meeting we can determine if we will be able to complete your request.


Once we are able to start on your project we will run through a series of tests to determine what is causing problems.


When diagnostics are complete we can start the project and ensure we are able to fulfill a quality repair/installation of what is necessary.


Finally, once we complete the project we will test ride the machine to ensure service is complete and no other problems are identified. If machine is fully repaired we are ready to complete the order.


Once the order is fulfilled we will provide a full detail of each machine to return to our clients clean and ready to ride!